First Photo Session!

So last Saturday, October 17th was my first ever photo shoot with people, instead of just nature! Now of course I have photographed people many of times over the years, but this was the first real session with my camera since I have learned more about the settings and such. I was so very excited about my first shoot with Bobbie and her beautiful little girl. I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph them as well as excited to finally meet them in person. See, I have been friends with Bobbie on facebook for some time now through a mutual friend but had never actually met her in person until last weekend. I must admit that I was nervous at first because I was not sure how specifically I would want them to pose, if we would all feel comfortable, or if the whole thing would feel too staged. I bought a hay bale, some small pumpkins and some flowers and set out to meet them at a local park. Everything turned out great in my opinion! We all flowed well together, I asked Bobbie to get in a few different poses and the rest of the time we kind of just winged it, which was nice and I think helped it flow so well. All in all I feel like it was a great first shoot! Here are a few shots from our session.

010 copy 2 017 copy2 078 copy 090

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