Meet The Photographer

Welcome to my page!

Hello, my name is Lindsey Hall and I am originally from Maryland. I currently reside in Pennsylvania, Downingtown to be exact. I specialize in Nature and Portrait Photography. Photography has long been a passion of mine and I decided now it is time that I turn that passion into my career, even if only by one small step at a time. I capture images of things that set off a spark in me, in hopes that I will set off a spark in others. Life is full of beautiful places and moments, and I want to capture as many of them as I can. This is my record keeping. Photography is what makes me whole. This journey has taken my husband and I on some really nice little getaways so far just this year and I can’t wait to see where else it will take us! So please, explore around my page. I am in hopes that you enjoy my photos and my memories as much as I have enjoyed living them and capturing them. On this site I will be blogging about my photography, adventures in kick-starting my business, new places I visit, and of course sharing those images. I will also have my photos available for sale sometime in the near future.

You can also find me on facebook at Lindsey Hall Photography

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

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