Welcome to My Page!

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my page! I will be using this site to blog about my photography adventures and the ins and outs of turning my passion into a career. I know that the photography market is very saturated these days, but I am finally taking the leap, diving in, or jumping off the cliff, however you want to look at it! I hope to one day have my business as my full-time income, but for now I am taking this one step at a time. I love my current job and I am very happy there, so it makes this long, slow process of getting into the business that much more bearable. I think what took me so long to really start out was the fear of not being good enough. There are so many wonderful photographers out there, and I sure do hope I can only live up to at least some of them. I finally decided that I cannot let fear hold me back any longer. Partly due to some personal issues I have going on I decided now is the time to start this journey. So here I am! Hey, you only live once, so you may as well be happy, and do what makes you happy! Photography is my happy. My solace. My own world I can go into when all else is falling apart around me. I want to share my passion with the world. I capture what sets off a spark in me in hopes to set off that same spark in others. I hope you all enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy capturing them. It would mean the world to me for others to enjoy my work. As with my photography, my page is also a work in progress. Please bear with me as I get this page up and running and please feel free to contact me with any questions. I hope to have some images for sale in the near future. I am including just a few of my images below. Peace, Love and Photography!

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